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ASUR S02 Review - Aarambh Hai Prachand

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

There is something special when you mix mythology into a story narration and ASUR knows how to keep us invested and also let us down with its smartness and dumbness at the same time. This season is overloaded with gyaan and its dialogue heavy. You need a recap or watch S01 before you embark on this as its a proper continuation and picks up from where it left.

This season focuses on the myth of Kalki and Kaliyuga. The makers packed in a lot for us to decipher. From AI to data privacy to data breaches to religious believes and even few new scandals of market manipulation and government apathy. Its like food served hot and you will realize the after taste bit later.

If you come from a tech background you are going to laugh at many plot points. The data center setup, ready made solution for everything, crack at ease will surprise you (no pun intended). There is a good amount of homework done here and i have the appreciate the concept but with an execution that is questionable. You may wonder what's the episode with Miracle Boy is, but i was surprised to see that link in the end. Even there is a mention of Sambhala village. I was never a fan of the series casting and some acting is still a let down. There are neatly packed twist and turns which lacks intelligence in this Season. You get a feel of forced.

Every episode starts with Asur's past and slowly unravel his intentions and why he is doing and what his ultimate goal is. Its a well made thriller to some extent and proves a point of technology advancement and what happens if its in wrong hands. Its a new war and there a thin line between good and evil here. Some of the ideas has been flicked from Nolan shows and movie but calibrated well to suit Indian audience. Overall you wont be disappointed with an one time watch. Again dont take things so seriously and dont wear a tech hat.

Verdict - 3/5(End is the Beginning)

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