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Breathe: Into The Shadows TV Show Review - The Ravan Killer

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The title itself felt irrelevant to the story line and I guess it was given just to give a sense that its a sequel. This is one of the weakest implementation on the concept of how far will you go to protect. More importantly its a silly take on MPD. The makers really wasted few great talent. The premise of the film seems quite superficial and when the layers gets peeled off, it felt more superficial. When you dont have a great story to back up, you just increase the BGM noise to elevate the tension and suspense. Its a real let down show as far as i am concerned. The side stories , the supporting cast did not jell into the story line at all. Amit Sadh really looked out of place in this cat and mouse game. Then you will see one of the worst female inspector character role written. There is quiet lot of absurdity associated with the motive of the villain. The unnecessary mythology reference to Ravan and his 10 heads is just placed there to create an intrigue. On top of all these the pace is another major dent for the show. The modified song i can think off is Dekho o deewano tum ye kaam na karo, Raavan ka naam badnam na karo, Badnam na karo. In the end its leaves a bad breath and a bad after taste. Except couple of episodes which really focus on AB and NM, its a mediocre show and i can recommend a strong avoid.

Verdict - 2/5(The Bad Uncle)

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