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DE TWAALF (The Twelve) TV Series Review- Defy The Rulings

Cine Industry historically have made some compelling court room dramas in the past and i am always fascinated by them. Law and Justice has always been and will remain as a debatable subject. This Belgian Netflix series shows that there are still some firepower left and courtroom drama is very much alive. Most of the courtroom dramas we know focus on the lawyers pitting against each other or the defendant but only few focused on the jury angle. The 12 Angry Men is finest example of that kind of story telling. And no wonder that is in the top of the house, of my all time favorite movies.

This Belgium story beautifully intertwines a shocking double-murder and the lives of the titular group of 12 jurors. In Belgium, AFAIK, the jury systems was ultimately ruled unconstitutional and abandoned. And we very much will agree to that decision after seeing this part thriller, part drama show. Its an interesting take on how the final decision can be influenced by their pasts, their personal lives, and their vices. The story builds slowly revealing more secrets, lies and how unreliable and prejudiced the system can be. I am impressed by the well-thought out premise and the shocking twist in the last episode. Some may feel its open ended but for me it was clear shut case. The show shines much better when it focus on solo shots with a poetic musical background to highlight what they are going through. The characters and drama drives the show when the suspense takes a second seat.

I would have been impressed more if the makers gave a dedicated one or two episodes focusing on jury debates in coming up with the final verdict. But i guess that was done on purpose to show case how much of personal background defines our judgments and how they care on the outcome. In the end i have to say its a compelling drama and mark this one in your diary. The Jury may or may not be wrong but the viewers will get to see the real drama and tension unfolding which itself was worth the time.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Unconscionable behavior)

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