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Jamtara - Apna Sapna Money Money

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Nick named as phishing capital of India, the small town of Jamtara requires no introduction. This one is a good start for an Indian series in Netflix. I would say it's almost binge worthy for few good reasons

a) Each episode is crisp with a run time of 25 minutes or less

b) Great talent assemblances on screen with some genuine and rustic performance

c) The Story presented in an intriguing way.

When every Tom , Dick and Harry wanted a share in their phishing scam, things go out of control. The money and power games gets too personal and a determined (less effective) police force also turns the tide against them. I was really expecting a detailed view on phishing and various techniques they use, but the story only scratched the surface without going deep. The makers wanted more of a drama cum thriller type. And to some extent that did work to as we witness some of the best talent on screen. My new favourite is Gudiya, she was just rock solid. And the political antagonist Brajesh was damn good too. The show captures the rural India with some beautiful frames. Once you start you will definitely sit in one go and finish it. They smartly packaged it.

Now few flip sides. The Mahabharata reference throughout felt unnecessary to me. The execution felt rushed and the settings looked like 70's. Some of the characters were used to drive the story fast paced rather than giving much more depth. And first 2 episode were slow and last one, went over board for sure.

Nevertheless this small time crooks story will please many. I will definitely wait for Season 2.

Verdict - 3/5 (Sabka Number Ayega)

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