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Midnight at the Pera Palace TV Show Review - The Door of Truth

This Turkish Netflix original mixes a classic time-travel with a murder investigation and its mostly an entertaining hybrid genre. It kick starts with a journalist named Esra who is being tasked to document 130th anniversary of a prestigious Pera Palace hotel in Istanbul. She gets to stay in a room overnight where the famous novelist Agatha Christie stayed and at mid night things started to get interesting.

With the time travel, she alters one of the key historic event unintentionally that will have massive ramification for the socio-politics of Turkey and its freedom fight. How she along with the hotel manager try to course correct forms the crux of this beaten to death concept but yet interesting in many ways. Hazal Kaya as Esra is just so beautiful. Esra’s journey through history, Turkish National Movement etc were visually appealing , it has a great atmospheric mood and above all i liked the cheesiness of a good old murder mystery with a classic time-travel conundrum.

The 8 part series are set in three different years (1919, 1938 and 1949), each with its own historical context where 1919 takes a center stage. As usual with any time-travel work, the confusion and breaking your head on what happened is still there with this one too, but its bit straight forward story to decipher. With a cliff hanger ending, expect Season 2 soon focusing on 1949. It offered a good mix of history, drama , mystery and bit of romance with loop holes plenty.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The Keys And Their Secrets)

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