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Raised by Wolves TV Series Review - A self-conscious Android

Ridley Scott is back with his favourite genre and this time he sticks with an old school style making filled with his signature images. The premise holds on to a basic story telling with some stunning visuals and some interesting concepts. The show is filled with philosophies, faith and too many monotonous conversations. Its a very strange parenting drama of androids on an virgin planet named Kepler-22B post apocalyptic era. The androids calls each others as father and mother, strictly follows Atheism and their rules of the game are different on how they want to bring their artificial children's. The family unity is questioned when things go wrong and they have to deal with many internal conflicts. Then comes another group Mithraics, who survived the doomed earth, and are extremely religious and there begins the war of the worlds. The first episode (directed by Scott Himself) was the best so far. The mood of the show changes when mother goes ballistic. Overall I am missing the adrenaline rush in this deliberately paced show. The show demanded sympathy for characters, but it felt tough to get attached to the characters. They felt too mechanical and uneven. The feel for the similar characters which we saw in West World is completely missing. I hope the next set of 5 episodes will change the trajectory and the predictable nature of the show.

Verdict - 3/5(A mythological Sci-Fic)

Note: - Only 5 episodes are available as of now.

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