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The Chestnut Man TV Show Review - A Tale Of Revenge

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

One of the season’s most anticipated new thriller from the man behind the biggest Scandinavian smash hit "The Killing" is finally here. The show falls into that typical category of a classic Nordic Noir police procedural drama which has the right mix of suspense and mystery. A targeted killer on the loose, taking body parts along with him and leaving a creepy figure of chestnut everywhere. There is a hidden message to someone and this 30 year old revenge story was a hit and miss for me. But i wasn't disappointed for sure.

Its deliberately paced with idea of character emphasis and showcasing grief. The characters are rich and complex. The plot to some extent is solid and it will give an eerie atmosphere feel. The great thing is there is no spoon feeding setup here and not every detail are spilled out. The plot is somewhat complex but this time the narrative is straightforward.

I was really expecting more from the creator, somehow it felt into the standard templated versions of past. The detectives resembles like the ones in his previous show but this time they are not really developed to the point where we care deeply about them. The plot suffers from some flashy coincidences. The edits were horrible at times and it will take a moment to realize where and what. So did the makers able to recreate the magic of The Killing? The answer is NO from my end as it had a diminishing return setup, but this Danish show still warrants a watch. A tense climax was also missing.

If u have not seen the killing then this is a welcome change. Its a quality show.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Past will hunt you down)

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