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The Gone Game TV Series Review - The Bloodhound

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

This experimental Voot original set in the backdrop of lock down and helmed by Nikhil Nagesh is a great ambitious suspense thriller. This is an effective utilization and representation of the paranoid created by the pandemic. While it won't revolutionize the presentation format, it still grips you with an unusual narrative structure, which is backed by some solid performance from an outstanding cast. Shot entirely indoors with laptop's , phone screen and abundance of Zoom video calls, this is a hyper-modern thriller where these devices becomes characters. It also shows how an over dependence on technology, devices and social media attention can turn into an evil act. Here trust and deceit lines is smartly blurred in a convincing way in most part of the show. Barring few conveniently placed sequences, the four-part series (each episode lasting around 25 minutes) is a binge worthy watch. A family of 5 separated due to pandemic is a well though out unique story with an outstanding BGM and also an impressive twist. This series will serve as a great inspiration for many movie and series makers. Recommended from my end. Please do not watch the trailer as it gives away too much. Cant wait for Season 2.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A neat locked room mystery)

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