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The Missing TV Series Review - Past Cannot Be killed

As usual, my weekend hunt was on to see something different and stumbled upon this on Amazon Prime. In Season 2, of this anthology series, the creators masterfully build the mystery around a young woman (who was abducted as a child 11 years ago) and her inexplicable return to her family. What follows then is questionable trust, lies and layers of deceit from the past. Its a demanding TV craft and an exceptional drama. A thriller needs a tight script, backed up some terrific performance and when you add scintillating score along with naturally felt cliff hanging moments, the show is going to rock. You will be hooked from episode 1 itself, and pay special attention to the details. Here there is no action offered like many thrillers we have seen, but the focus is on the emotional journey and a terrific character study.

The show highlights the vulnerability and unpredictable of human nature under extremely stressful situations. The three layers of timelines (mostly focused on two) is carefully put together to give a gripping feel throughout. One of those rare intelligent, emotional and a suspense drama. The puzzle is superbly built and solved. Each episode mixes past and present beautifully. The loneliness and pain is painted with accuracy. I am damn impressed with stunning musical score along with its stunning cast. The notion of, you will only see what you wanted to see and you will only hear what you wanted to hear is being introspected with varying angles here. BTW you dont need to watch Season 1 (which was also OK but not great) as this story is totally a fresh start except for the investigative officer. It has its own share of few flaws but i am just keeping that aside. A strong recommendation from my end.

Verdict - 4/5(The devil is in the details)

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