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The Stranger - A secret revealed is a secret destroyed

Yet another binge-worthy UK thriller from Netflix. Adapted from the bestselling 2015 book by Harlan Coben, this mini series ticks the right boxes in the best possible way. The plot is centered around how a mysterious woman creating havoc in the life of suburban families by exposing their dark secrets. This eight episode series is made interesting by its unique plot and narrative style. The makers made sure to leave each episode in a cliff hanger thus making us to click the next episode button immediately. Its full of smart twist and turns. Moreover the drama is kept checked without going too melodramatic. The family bonding, value of relationship and grief is mixed beautifully into the plot. Some of the characters were a treat to watch, especially the police officer role played by Siobhan Finneran. I was bit disappointed with the happy ending as it felt rushed through but the culmination reveal i didn't see it coming. The adult plot had a pleasing quality and it was convincing than the teenage plot which did create bit of disbelief. Give it a shot and you will be pleasantly surprised for sure.

Verdict - 3.5/5(We all have our little secrets, dont we?)

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