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Undekhi TV Series Review - A Savage Family Saga

After watching the disappointing show Breathe, i was little reluctant to experiment on yet another one for the weekend. But the proverb "Fortune Favors the Brave" sometimes works and i ended up binge watching this little unknown TV series from Sony. Its like an old wine in a new bottle which always tastes better. Here the makers succeeded in presenting this as a nicely packaged murder investigation thriller with a lesser known star cast. This power dynamics story is based on harrowing true incident which happend at a marriage party. This web series shows how patriarchy, misogyny still prevails and corruption goes beyond justice. Like Patal Lok, this also deals with the dark side of India seen through the lens of money power which runs through the veins of our CORE bureaucracy system. The shows questions the non caring nature for humanity and how less valued are the lifes of certain section of community. It shows how money and selfishness act affect in our adverse judgment. I have to admire the casting here, especially after a long time i did a see a powerful over powering antagonist played beautifully by Surya Sharma. You really feel an anger against the character. With ample twists and turns this 30 minutes sized episodes will keep you hooked for most parts. There are quiet a lot of misses in the show especially the hunt which happens in the forest area felt little over stretched and certain things went into preachy mode. But the screenplay and the tautness outweighs those shortcomings. The ending was not satisfactory for me , its difficult for me to say if there going to be a Part 2 or they left it open ended. It fails short to be marked as great one but i still enjoyed the hunt.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The game of power and money)

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